Morrow House Students Earn Top Scores in American Mathematics Contest 8 
Elizabeth Morrow School, formerly residence of Dwight Morrow and his family, including Ann Morrow and Charles Lindbergh



(Centennial Clock Dedication)               (John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie)

Images from  an Earlier Englewood

Raising of the Liberty Pole, c. 1775

Palisades Mountain House, Englewood Cliffs, west front, by Wyer, Henry Sherman, 1847-1920.png
Englewood Mountain House Hotel  stereoscope slide

Englewood House (just behind where tEnglewood Hotel This large hotel facing  Engle street was built by Andrew  Demarest, on 3 acres in 1860 on property owned by J Wyman Jones and partners. It was the place where new buyers of land might stay while their large homes were being built.      The hotel was the center of social activity with “Hops” dances  of waltzes, quadrilles and polkas. It’s water supply came from the spring at the top of Spring Lane. (some of today’s residents say that you can still hear it bubbling underground)

map 1891 it might be a good time now to look at the map of 1891 you can see which houses were built at the time…  the 3 on Palisade Ave, a few on Hillside and none on Spring lane… If you look to a street to the west, you’ll see it leads  to the Englewood Hotel

The Lyceum (community auditorium), corner of Palisade and Engle St.

Self-Master Colony - Wikipedia

Helicon Hall (destroyed by fire 1907)
Utopian Home Colony founded by Upton Sinclair, author of “The Jungle”
South Woodland St. near Walnut

Bergen Building (Engle. St. and Bergen St.)
Partially destroyed by fire in 1911

Englewood Theater on Palisade Ave.

Fox Plaza Theater (now Bergen Performing Arts Center)

Early City Hall/Staggs Hotel


Some Special People of Englewood


Chief Oratam of the Lenni-lenapes

Early mayors of Englewood: Seated are Elbert A. Brinckerhoff (1899–1901) and Daniel A. Currie (1901–1903). Standing are Dan Fellows Platt (1904–1905), Donald Mackay (1906–1909), and James A.C. Johnson (1910).,_New_Jersey

Dan Fellows Platt, Mayor 1904 – 1905, art historian, and
husband of Ethel Bliss, Tennis Champion

(Anne Morrow Lindbergh and friend and fellow aviatrix Amelia Earhart)

Dr. Leroy McCloud, Englewood public school administrator

John W. Wright

Mayors NedFeldman, Sondra Greenberg, and Austin Volk with Charlotte Bennett-Schoen (2008)

Mayors Volk, Feldman, Greenberg, and Frank Huttle

Arnold Brown

Shirley Lacey

Donald A. Quarles.jpg

Donald A Quarles Mayor 1946 – 1957 amd US Deputy Secretary of Defense 1957 – 1959

Michael Wildes, portrait.jpg

Michael J. Wildes

Mayor 2004-10 and 2019 – present

Robert Torricelli News | Quotes | Wiki -
Robert Torricelli, US Senator

Steven R. Rothman | | Library of Congress

                       Steven Rothman, Englewood Mayor (1983 – 88) and Congressman

Susan Thamases

Freedom Rider Byron Baer spent 34 years in the NJ legislature ...

Englewood Resident Byron Baer (r) with fellow Assemblyman Al Burstein

Baer was a Freedom Rider in the early 1960s and spent 34 years in the NJ State Assembly (

Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson (D)

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson
St Cecilia HS graduate

Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D)

Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle


First Lieutenant Clavin J. Spann 15th Air Force.jpg

Calvin Spann (Tuskegee Airmen)
(Learn more in the 2017 Calendar — September)

Josephine English, one of first black, female OB/GYNs, not stopping at 89

Josephine English (Gynecologist)     (Learn more in the 2018 Calendar)

Whittie English (Learn more in the 2018 Calendar)

Lucy Fisher | Produced By Conference Lucy Fisher, Movie Producer

Abi Varghese 4.jpg

Abi Varghese (DMHS ’96), Movie Producer

Englewood Financiers

Dwight Morrow.jpg     Dwight Morrow

Thomas William Lamont, Jr. in 1918.jpgThomas W, Lamont

Related image

Jack Drakeford. City Manager, Board of Education, Firefighter, e

                                                Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg

A. Harry PassowProf. A. Harry Passow, Educator

Dr. Allen Hyman

Medical Pioneer

Judge Sylvia Pressler

Charles Osgood

Liz Skurnick (DMHS ’93?), Writer, Critic, Editor

A closeup of a man in front of a microphone. He has a receding hairline and wears dark-framed glasses.

David Cohen (head writer, Futurama, and DMHS ‘ 85?


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Historic Englewood - City of Englewood, NJ

                               Liberty Union School (originally near Liberty Pole, moved to Tenafly Rd. and Pleasant St., now private residence).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-shot-2019-07-22-at-1.26.02-PM-840x532.pngFarewell To Lincoln School

Cornerstone of the old Lincoln School – The original cornerstone of Lincoln School was buried in the courtyard on the Eastern side of the playground about 8′ west of the fence and about 2′ from the walk or black top. The plan for when the building was razed that this cornerstone would be removed and preserved in a safe place. (
The Original Licoln School (1869)

BACK IN TIME: Englewood Opens Lincoln School in 1869

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-shot-2019-07-22-at-1.26.02-PM-840x532.pngDonald A Quarles Early Childhood Center
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Dr. John Grieco Elementary School 

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Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School (Cleveland School)

File:Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School Englewood, New Jersey.jpg

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Janet E. Dismus Middle School
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Dwight Morrow High School

Dwight Morrow High School.JPG
   Arrows representing the coming together of Black and White students at DMHS (constructed in the early 1970s; originally one arrow was white, one black)

File:Dwight Morrow High School, Englewood, New Jersey.jpg

Dwight Morrow High School Englewood New Jersey

Umpley Hall, Dwight-Englewood School
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Umpley Hall, Dwight-Englewood School

Elizabeth Morrow School (Below), previously the residence of Amb. Dwight Morrow and family, including Ann Morrow and Charles LindberghTop private school in NJ The Elisabeth Morrow School of Bergen County

Gone But Not Forgotten

Franklin School
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Lincoln School

Image result for englewood NJ lincoln school imageLincoln School on west Englewood Ave.

First hole slope down from the clubhouse was a favorite sledding location in the 1950s (but watch out for the stream at the bottom by the first green.)

Memorial House (Now Bergen Family Center)

City Hall: Stagg’s hotel and bar on Palisade Avenue near the railroad tracks was built around 1860, but in 1899 it became Englewood’s first city hall. The building was moved to Englewood Avenue in 1921 and it was torn down in the 1970s.

EHS Special programs

Gateway to Music (2016)


Henry P Douglas, Namesake of Englwood’s VFW Post
Alan Moskin talks about the horror of the Holocaust.
Alan Moskin, DMHS Graduate, Englewood Native and WW 2 Veteran
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501 Liberty Road (built c.1830)

Post 78 Takes Possession of It’s Own Building

  • Oct 19, 1945

The Post met thru most of these years in the Veteran’s Building on West Street.  This was convenient for meetings, but did not lend itself to any other activies.  When World War II came along and with returning veterans eligible for membership, the need for a larger clubhouse for the post became evident.  Under the able leadership of Commander William Huggett and Chairman Max Rogoff, a small group of old and new members on the Building Committee raised suffient funds during a few hot summer months to acquire the building on Knickerbocker Road.

The Post took possession and an impressive ceremony with the Mayor and many notables attending the clubhouse was officially dedicated on October 19, 1945 to the service of the veterans and community of Englewood.

The original American Legion Post 78 was a large 3 story wooden house type structure located on Knickerbocker Road in Englewood, NJ.  There was a large extension out of the back of the building which measured approximately 30′ wide by 100′ long.  The ground level section of the extension contained a 4 lane bowling alley which required pins to be “hand set”.  The area above the bowling alley was the main hall of the post.  The famous football coach, Vince Lombardi, started his coaching career at St. Cecilia High School in Englewood which was located only several blocks away from Post 78.  From around 1939 to 1947 Lombardi would bowl at the post prior to coaching for Fordham University, West Point Military Academy, the New York Giants and eventually the Green Bay Packers.  There were two tennis courts located on the post’s property where movie and television star, Paul Sorvino would play on occasion.

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